Missing the Obvious

We can get so wrapped up in the details of life that we miss the most obvious things!  I just took Spikey, our new dog, out for a long walk.  I was up early since I had crashed early the night before.   As soon as Spikey sees his leash he goes bonkers!  He jumps about 3-4  feet off the ground in pure excitement of looking at the outside world.  At 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning there is only ever one place I’m ever at…..in bed!   This early I woke up and went outside and the first thing I saw was the most AWESOME sunrise!  The sun was still very orange as it was rising and it made the nearby clouds illuminate with such brilliance.  As I continued down the road with Spikey in tow….I noticed some owls that were perched on their protected sites in the empy lots.  Pretty cool.  I then paid attention to birds that were singing and thought about how God cares for every single one of them.    I’m usually not a big fan of long walks or jogging or whatever.   But as I started to focus on the beautiful simple things of the walk…i began to forget how much I hated walking.  As a matter of fact I quite enjoyed it.    The sunrise, birds, Spikey, owls and the eager dog that wanted to make friends with Spikey were all intriguing.  

I then had a wierd thought…..if I woke up earlier I could enjoy this everyday.  The morning is a beatiful time.  However….next Saturday morning I will probably me still sound asleep in my bed…missing the most obvious.

To close….check out this video of this lady from the TV Show “Deal or No Deal” missing the most obvious!  It is quite funny!

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