A breakdown of Tiger Woods’ Confession to the World


By now we are all well aware of the entire Tiger Woods saga.   Even if you've been living underneath a rock for the last few weeks, you would still know what Tiger has done.   Tiger, the world's best golfer, perhaps of all time…..has admitted to having slept with numerous women.  This poses problems on many levels; however none more so than the fact that he is a married man.  Many women are coming out of the wood work right now claiming to have had an affair with Tiger.  I'm sure not all of these women can be telling the  truth.  However, I'm afraid now, after Tigers confession that there are many, many hiding in the lurks.  I'm sure that Tiger doesn't even now the exact number of women he has had an affair with. That is is an incredibly sad sentence.  You can watch Tiger's confession below.   Watch first then read the rest of this post.

I have seen and read many things in the last few days following this statement by Tiger.  Some of the negative things I have read have focused on Tiger's sincerity.  I can see why some would question this.  Was Tiger truly sorry for his sins?…(he calls them "issues").  Or was he just sorry to get caught? Whatever the answer is…….that is none of our business.  There is no doubt that Tiger screwed up.  And he screwed up big.   He has asked for forgiveness and we must forgive.   Only God knows his true motive.    Catch a Tiger by his toe…..if he hollers let him go.  Tiger wants forgiveness….and is asking for help.   So we must give it.   His adultery is no different from the sin that you find yourself trapped in.  If you were in Tiger's shoes you would want the same respect, forgiveness and grace.    For many years….many have thought as Tiger as some sort of God.   He is mortal after all.  Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and have come short of the Glory of God.  

Here are some observations…. 

1.  Tiger admits he has done wrong. He says,  "I had an affair, I cheated."  He is not making excuses.  He is not blaming the women.  He is not blaming his fame.  He says, "I am the only person to blame." He is admitting he has a huge problem and is seeking help.  To me this is huge.  I'm glad he didn't come out and say "If I offended you…….".  He knows he has offended.  He is owning up to his failure.

2.  Tiger knows that his true apology, to his wife, will come by actions (behavior)  not words.  I think this statement was huge.  Actions always speak louder than words.  Talk is cheap.  Don't tell somebody you love them….show them.   Love is a verb.

3.  Tiger admitted that he was rationalizing his sin.  He says, "I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didn't apply." & he also said  " I felt I had worked hard my entire life…and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me."  "I felt I was entitled".   This is something that is key for all of us!   How often do we rationalize our sin?   May we learn from his mistake.

4.  "I have a lot to atone for". Even though I know what Tiger is getting at here….it's still not true. Tiger needs to know that the true atonement for his sins is found in Jesus Christ… not in himself.   Even though the Buddhist manta that he quoted sounded good….the only way to overcome his sin is through a bloody cross.  The freedom found in Christ is the way to break free from this curse of sin.

This whole situation reminds me David's confession in the Bible after having sex with Bathsheba, (a married woman).   Yes…Tiger Woods is not King David.  However…read Psalm 51 and you'll find a lot of similarities to Tiger's statement.  In closing…Pray for Tiger.  Enough said.


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