But I don’t even like mustard…..

Mustard Mustard.  It's a strange word.  Just stop and say it out loud.  Mustard.  LOL…thanks I feel better now.    As I kid I hated mustard.  I could never understand why some people would dare put it on a hot dog or pretzel.   The only way I could even hack mustard is in the honey form.  But anyway…that's not the point of this particular posting.   

This past Sunday during our Fusion Church worship gathering, my daughter said something quite enlightening.   We were in the middle of talking about faith. What does it take to have faith in God and the faith to live life?   Russ, who is a part of our Fusion family, began to refer back to the parable of the mustard seed. 


I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."  Matthew 17:20


Russ reminded us of Jesus' words of how much faith it takes to be used of God.   Jesus used the most insane example.   The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds.   Yet, Jesus said that if our faith was the size of this seed we would have incredible results.  It it fantastic truth….and yet one not fully realized by so many people. 


Brianna, after hearing about our faith being compared to a mustard seed, said something I will never Mustard-seed1-300x291 forget.  She said….."But, I don't even like mustard".  Now of course she was talking about real mustard.  But we can apply this truth to our life.  In fact that is how many people think.  They believe in God….but find it very hard to trust God.  How true is that of so many people today?  They talk about faith, they talk about trusting in God, but they don't.  It's because having Faith in God…is hard.  It's difficult because we make it difficult.  


I believe true faith begins with honesty.  It's the honesty that says that I am not in control and there is something bigger than me.  We love to be in control, don't we?   We love to have it all figured out and put together our way.  We love to do things our way.  The honesty begins when we realize that we actually need God.  It begins when we realize that life is not about me.  For some that's a hard pill (or seed) to swallow.  


Mustard-tree full grown Let's face it.   Sometimes, it's hard to have the faith to even get out of bed in the morning….let alone to move mountains.  How can we trust God in those big   things (mountains) when we can't trust Him in the day to day things?  A mustard seed is small, but the end result is a tree that is huge!  Simply, what Jesus was saying, is that our little faith can be used of God, and by God to do tremendous things.   God expects greater faith than that of a mustard seed…however he can use one the size of a mustard seed.  Even if we don't like mustard.  


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