The necessity of the Gospel

The Gospel is the hope that God has not given up on the world.  It is the GOOD NEWS that through the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus that we can be made new and right in God's sight.  The Gospel is the culmination of the relentless love and pursuit of the Father over all of creation.  The Gospel is the story of how God rescued me from my sin, guilt, pride, selfishness & everything else under the sun.  Through the Gospel, God is restoring, repairing, & renewing the universe.  Without the Gospel there is no hope.  Without the Gospel there is no forgiveness for sins past, present or future.  Without the Gospel, there is no way to have a right relationship with God.   The Gospel is the power of God.  Paul writes in Romans that "the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes…" This is why the Gospel is necessary.

However….here is the kicker.  That's where most people stop.  People think of the impact of the Gospel as an event in the past.  This is not biblical.

Jesus just didn't save me.  Jesus IS saving me!  Everyday I need rescue.  Everyday I need renewal!  Everyday I need restoration.  I am not just saved…but I am being saved.  This is the process that the Bible calls "sanctification".  God is setting me apart.  It is the process that the Father uses to make me more like his Son.  The Gospel shows me the hope that I have, and also shows me that hope that I must give the world.  Because of this..we must learn…that the Gospel is not just just a message to proclaim.  The Gospel is a message to be lived out.  The Gospel is bringing "Good News" to those who have none.  This is why the Gospel is necessary. 

The Gospel is not just about bringing people to heaven..but it's also about bringing heaven to earth.  Have you noticed that the Bible doesn't end with people going to heaven.  The Bible ends with Heaven coming to earth. Interesting.  The Gospel is not fire insurance.  The Gospel is holistic in nature.  This is why the Gospel is necessary.

The mission then becomes to join God in community for the restoration of the world.  How is God restoring the world?  What does this restoration process look like?  How is the Gospel not just proclaimed…but also lived? What is your definition of the Gospel?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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