The necessity of Simplicity – Hallways, Bugs, & Less Buttons

Simple is good.  Simple is beautiful.  IMG_1000001309
A couple of weeks ago..Lori and I went on a date.  We went to a Mexican Restaurant (Iguana Mia's) in Downtown Cape Coral.  Besides going for the great food and the free tortilla chips…I love going here because of this hallway.   It's just a simple hallway…but unique.  The green neon lights show the way to the heavenly food.  I don't have to worry if I'm headed in the right direction. There is just something peaceful about simplicity. 

After dinner we decided to go down to Cape Harbor and take a walk.   As we were walking down by the water I saw this bug.   IMG_1000001310 It caught my attention because the bug was facing the water..perfectly still.  I stooped down to take a picture with my iPhone and realized I had just captured a beautiful shot.  The bug was quiet…I guess as quiet as a bug can be.  He sat perfectly still.  He was watching the setting sun turn the sky and clouds into magical colors.  Simple.  There is nothing complicated about a bug sitting by the water watching the
sunset.   (Ok..I didn't ask him if he really noticed the sunset….but it makes for a great point in my blog) It's just these simple, ordinary moments of life, that show me that my life is way too complicated.  

Who makes it complicated?  How IMG_1000001311 does it get this way?  The answer lies with the Michael Jackson song…."The Man in the Mirror".   Or as my son, Tyler, likes to sing…."I'm sleeping with the Man in the Mirror".  Don't ask. 🙂  I seem to love to get in the way and make things more difficult than they need to be.  It must be because I love to be in control.  Or maybe it's because other people make life complicated for me.  


I'm a big fan of Social Networking.  One of the things on Facebook that always makes me chuckle are people's relationship status.  There are the typical choices…. (Married, Single, Looking…and then the famous 'It's complicated'.  Don't ask me why…but I always grin when I see that.  Relationships are sticky.  Messy.  Complicated.  They are like that because people are imperfect.  For once…I'd love to see a relationship status that says…. Married – Simply loving it.   Or how about this one….. Single & Simply Available.  A relationship with God is an amazing and simple thing.   I'm so glad that God didn't heap on us a bunch of complicated rules to follow in order to believe.  One of greatest verses n the bible is "Be still and know that I am God".  The jailer, asked Paul & Silas in Acts…"What must I do to be saved?"  and they replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."  Simple.  There is no complicated relationship status with God.  

I think people need less buttons.  That's my simple solution to fix the complications of the world.  No, I 'm not talking about the buttons on your clothes.  I'm talking about buttons.  Confused?  Well take for example….the genius of Apple.  Ok…all of you Apple haters..keep reading might be converted.  Apple has always been known for it's simple, elegant and gorgeous designs.  The iPod is Apple's digital music player.  It is the King of MP3 players.  A common theme for Apple design is….simple.  You don't have a zillion buttons that do different functions.  On most iPod devices there is a 'click wheel'…and that's about it.  The iPod Shuffle has even less buttons on some of it's models.  On iPhones & iPod Touch's there is only a "home" button.   Less buttons would translate into less confusion.  Don't aim to have more in your life….aim to have less.  Less is more.  

Simplicity is necessary because without it….you will go crazy.  Simplify your life.   The easiest way to do this is to trim down your calendar.  Or you can just stop and pause and soak in all of the beauty around you.  Be a bug that stops and watches the sunset.  Oh yes…complications will still come…but the beauty is sifting through the junk and making it simply beautiful again.  



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