The Kingdom of God: Grace & Truth

This is a article I wrote a while back….it fits here in the Kingdom series.

John 1:14

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only [Son], who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John chapter 1 gives us a very descriptive telling of who Jesus is and what he did and does.  We see Him as the WORD who is God.  We see him as the creator and the light.  If there was any doubt who John was referring to it was clearly cleared up in verse 14.  John says that this “Word” (the full expression of God) became flesh (Jesus).  Not only did Jesus come but very specifically he came in Grace & Truth.  If the Kingdom of God is the central focus of Jesus life and teachings…then “Grace & Truth” is the way it it presented to the world.

Grace is used in various ways throughout the New Testament.  The most obvious and often spoken of way is referring to God’s unmerited favor towards us.  The world needs grace.  Jesus came to a world full of veangeance and evil.  He came to a world that was the complete opposite of Grace.  In fact Jesus was the opposite way in almost every way possible.

The Romans way of expanding their kingdom was through the sword and coersion.  Jesus ways of expanding his kingdom was through the ways of Grace & Truth.   Complete opposites.  The Roman way brought more separation, hurt and war.  The ways of Jesus brought salvation, unity, healing and peace.

Jesus died and rose again.  He’s left the earth to return to his Father in heaven.  If Jesus isn’t here then how does Grace and Truth continue?  My friends that’s what the church is all about.  The church is the “body of Christ”.  It is the way that God intends to bring healing and restoration to the world.  It is through the church that Grace & Truth are lived out.

So here is my question for you….what does it mean to be the agents of Grace & Truth in the world?  Please leave a comment and spur the discussion.  I’ll share my thoughts in my next posting.


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