Want to see Gospel transformation in your city? Buy local….

What are you willing to sacrifice so that the Gospel may advance?  That question may be more complex and deeper than you may think.  I’m not talking about how much money you are going to give to your church..or how much time you will spend at the next church event.

Think outside the box. Would you be willing to buy local and spend a little more money?  Why?  Think of the relationships that can be built with people in your own town! You are also investing into your own community everytime you purchase something from a locally owned business.  For the sake of the Gospel this is so, so important.  I understand that this is not possible with every purchase.  However, the little changes you can make can go a long ways! You can invest in the local transformation of your city financially!  It may cost you extra….but it will be worth it!  You can then open doors of conversation and earn the right to be heard!

My friend and partner in ministry, Tom Richards, practices and lives this reality.  Instead of buying his guitar strings online for much cheaper…he goes and buys them from a local music store.  Tom and I meet weekly for a staff meeting regarding The Way Church.  Tom loves Starbucks coffee.  However, instead of holding our meetings in Starbucks he suggested we meet in a local coffee shop in Cape Coral.  The results have been great!  We are helping that local coffee shop and have built a nice relationship with the owners, Cindy and Lorraine.  I’m looking for other ways to contribute locally!  (Although I will still find myself at Starbucks too)

What else can you sacrifice for the Gospel?  Buying local is one example….what else can we do?  The Gospel is worth it.


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