Gospel Transformation: Don’t Tell Me Show Me

What are you willing to sacrifice so that the Gospel will transform your city?   To really reach our cities with the Gospel it’s going to take sacrifice.  It’s going to be at times uncomfortable and awkward.  The Gospel cost Jesus and it will cost you & I to share it as well.  That’s just the plain truth.

Very few Chistians share their faith with the world.  The ones that do share their faith, know what to say…but don’t know how to express it in their life.  Most know how to tell the ABC’s of salavation….but don’t know how to translate this “good news” into actions. As the old saying goes….actions speak louder than words.  When is the last time you showed the world Good News?

My kids are still very young (11, 9 & 6).  They are good kids but they are kids.  When they do get in trouble they always tell me that they will never do it again. They say that they are very sorry…and they plead for forgiveness.  I always forgive them.  But, I always tell them the same thing. “Don’t tell me….show me”.  I want them to know now that talk is cheap.  You can tell me you are sorry everyday…but if you never show me than I don’t believe it.

You can tell the world that Jesus saves.  You can tell the world everyday that there is Good News in the world…but if you don’t show it…does it matter?  The world has heard enough sermons.  They need to start seeing some.  What are some ways we can show “good news” through actions in our city?  After all…how can we talk of the life transforming message of the Gospel if it hasn’t changed us?  Do share…what are you doing in your city.  What are ways we can show love and demonstrate “good news”.


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