Gospel Transformation: Kingdom Building vs. Castle Building

If we are to truly transform our cities with the Gospel then we have to change our entire strategy.  How many churches are trying to get “bigger and bigger” at the expense of true city wide transformation?  Most churches measure success by butts in the pews…and money in the plate.  Doesn’t that sound a tad like a movie theater?

How many people are watching the show and how many are buying tickets?Is that what God has called us to do?  Is it any wonder that our churces are filled with “spectators” and not doers? Too many churches are into what I call…Castle Building. Churches who are trying to build castles (i’m not talking about a building) are only worried about how big their church grows.  They may even compete with the other churches in town.  They may have clever slogans about how their church is “better” than any other church. Or maybe that church is selling itself as more “relevant”, “hipper” or “cooler” than the next.  I remember in one town that I pastored I was scolded by another pastor about how I was in his “territory”. Wow… It’s no wonder our cities are so lost.

Jesus has not called us to build castles.  He has called us to be engaged in His ever expanding Kingdom.  Once churches in a city realize that it’s not about them…the city will be better.  That city will be better reached with the Gospel.  The Kingdom of God is the rule of God over all creation.  God is up to something huge.  He is up to something that you and I can never compete with or ever dream to outdue.  Jesus was all about this kingdom.

Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if churches joined each other for the sake of the Gospel?  Wouldn’t it be great to join other churches in the Missio Dei than the pettiness of doctrinal divide?  Folks…it’s time to realize we are all on the same team if we have been redeemed.  Isn’t that what he prayed for us in John 17 before he was arrested in the garden?

Jesus said to seek first His Kingdom.  Why are you building your castle?

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33 


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