God in a Box: “Why you really don’t have a “Biblical Worldview”.

Everybody lives within the confines of their own reality.  This reality, and what we make it appear to be, is influenced by who we have become.   This reality is how we view and see the world.  Some may call it a “worldview”. The problem is that our worldview muddies the water of how we see everything.  You can not explain something or be passionate about anything without looking at it from your worldview or perspective.  It is your reality. With this worldview we have put God in a Box.  We don’t expect God to be anything different that what we expect. The question becomes…do I have an accurate worldview?

Your worldview has been shaped by the things that have happened to you and by the people around you.  It definitley has been shaped and has been molded from what you percieve to be true.   There is a reason an Al Qaeda terrorist flies a plane into a building or blows himself up on a crowded bus or street.  He believes that by doing this act he will enter “paradise” and inherit 70 virgins.  He believes a story that somebody down the line told him was true.  I’m sure growing up he heard how evil America was.  He may have even witnessed first hand occupation or “terroristic acts” from America.  These people and events have shaped him.  Maybe 10 years ago when the war began his family were victims of the shock and awe campaign waged against Saddam Hussein.  Whatever the situation, he believes that he is right.  He is just.  He believes that he is the good guy.  He lives in the confines of his own reality.

Many Christians today claim to have a “Biblical Worldview”.  But is that really possible?  I mean..yes we strive to live the Bible and see the world through the filter of Scripture.  I totally agree with that!  However, it is hard though to see the Bible without your own biases getting in the way.

For years, the Bible was used to defend and promote slavery.  Slave owners pointed to the New Testament and Paul’s letter to Philemon.  For years, the Bible has been used to mistreat women and treat them as second class citizens.  The Bible has been used to justify war and excuse the slaughter of multitudes.  Don’t believe me?  Do a google search or check the history of Christopher Columbus and also the Crusades.  These people would have also claimed a “biblical worldview”.  But obviously, God is not for slavery; the mistreatment of women; and the slaying of the masses for failure to convert to Christianity.

Did you know that for awhile I thought that America was God’s only hope for the world?  It was almost as if I believed that if you were any other Christian living in another country that you weren’t as good or special.  I believed that America was the next best thing to living in heaven because this was God’s paradise.  No, I’m not saying that I don’t love America and that I’m not patriotic.  But, where faith and patriotism intersect in my journey is far different than it used to be.  I had to ask myself, am I a Christian that happens to be an American or an American that happens to be a Christian.  I had to ask questions outside of what I percieved was truth and reality.  What does it mean to be a Christian and have all the “expectations stripped away”.  What does naked truth and faith look like?

How much of what we percieve to be true in applying our faith really isn’t?  There is absolute truth.  We just get in the way of seeing it for what it really is. Down the road, what is something, that we hold dear to, that others will compare to the “slavery” example?   What parts were never meant to be true but we have made them to be?

You can claim to be fundamental.  You can claim to be liberal.  You can claim to be progressive.  All of these groups would claim a “Biblical Worldview” and believe that they were/are right.  But really, nobody can have an untainted “Biblical Worldview”.  Their Biblical worldview is really a “Personal Biblical Worldview”.  It’s how they see the story of the Bible in thier lives and culture.  They live within the confines of their own reality.  We would need the Bible to speak for itself…instead of us speaking into it.  Get God out of the box you have him in.



2 thoughts on “God in a Box: “Why you really don’t have a “Biblical Worldview”.

  1. Dan, This is why we need to be constantly into the Word and get it into us. The more exposure we have to Scripture, along with personally checking ourselves against the Word, the closer we come to a truly Biblical worldview. The ongoing process of doing this shapes our thinking throughout our lives. It was said of Spurgeon, “Prick this man anywhere and Bible comes out.” A worthy goal! Dad

  2. Love the phrase “personal biblical worldview”. It’s so true. A biblical worldview is such a generic term that can mean anything you really want. Anyone, including we highly disagree with, can have a biblical worldview. And I think that’s why people argue and debate. They think their “biblical worldview” is the right one. We need to come to understand that a biblical worldview is really a “personal” one. And the question I have is, what is a biblical worldview? Is it possible to have a biblical worldview? Should that phrase be abandoned?

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