Gospel Confusion: Confessions of a Pastor

If you have been following my Twitter & FaceBook updates this may not be news to you. I have been working now for the last few months on my first e-book. Today I’d like to officially announce the title of the book, Gospel Confusion: Confessions of a Pastor. Please like the FaceBook page here. http://www.facebook.com/gospelconfusion

Gospel Confusion is my personal story of how I missed and confused the gospel. It is a story of my journey through legalism, moralism and the emerging church, and some of the things I learned about myself along the way. One of the greatest struggles facing believers today is one of identity. Who am I? Does my value come from me and what I produce? Where do I find the love, acceptance and approval that my heart desires?

The e-book will be self published and will be available for sale on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad & iPhone & Nook devices. Stay tuned for release date in the weeks ahead. Thank you to my friend Jim Schultz who designed the cover for the book. Please contact Jim for all your art and graphic design needs. jimschulzart@gmail.com


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