Best books I’ve read so far this year…..

Read them all…..great stuff here.  

1. Explicit Gospel (Matt Chandler & Jared C. Wilson) 

Do you have an assumed gospel? Do you take the gospel for granted for what it really looks like in the air or on the ground? Matt & Jared nail the importance of the centrality of the gospel for everyday life. 

2. Gospel Wakefulness (Jared C. Wilson)

Jared’s story of waking up to the reality of the gospel. A real look at the renewal the gospel gives from our slumber.

3. Jesus+Nothing=Everything (Tullian Tchividjian)

Another amazing story of how one discovers that all he needs is Christ.  The supremacy of the gospel and Christ is the major theme here. 

4. Radical (David Platt)

Our lives as American believers are too complicated and comfortable. Are you wiling to live a radical life?

5. Gospel (J.D. Greear)

A personal account of J.D.’s rediscovery of the power of the gospel in his life. They key to gospel centrality is the ability to “abide in Christ”. 


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