Day 4 – “God is Holy”

The following post is a part of a series called “40 Days of Light”.  “40 Days of Light” is a church-wide campaign at the church I pastor.  Join our church as we go through this next 40 Days exploring and exulting God and His Word.  These postings are also available for free on for your Kindle or Kindle App. Please search “40 Days of Light” in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. For more information about “40 Days of Light” please visit

And one called to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!” – Isaiah 6:3

The scene becomes even more surreal for Isaiah. The seraphim begin worshipping out loud in front of Isaiah. They cry out to the Lord with high adoration. They declared to Isaiah that The Lord is “Holy, Holy, Holy”. They also declared that the entire earth is filled with His glory. Fire, smoke and the shaking of the very foundations of this worship service were moved with the praise of this Holy God. Wow, what a scene. God is holy. God’s holiness is what separates him from you and me. Holiness does not define God. God defines Holiness. The seraphim spoke the word “holy” three times. Is God three times holier than you and me? No. This is a declaration of the nature of God in trinity.

Some people have said to me that God is really full of Himself. Why does God demand so much attention? Some others have said, “Why does God seem like He’s on one big ego trip?” It might appear as if this were true, if God was not known as Trinity. Throughout all of the scripture we see how God honors Himself. However, this must be understood within the context of Trinity. We see that all three persons of the Godhead worship and praise one another. The Father glories in the Son (Acts, 3:13, John 8:54, John 17:1, 5) the Son glories in the Father (John 17:4, John 12:28, 15:8) and the Spirit glories in the Father and the Son (John 16:14). Within the context of the Trinity we see a gloriously splendid relationship. God lives in perfect harmony and glory with Himself in Trinity. God delights, rejoices, and praises Himself within this perfect community. God is everlasting and eternal. Before there were seconds, minutes or years, before history could be told, or the thoughts in man’s mind known, before any seed sprouted or any bird took flight, before molecules split or joined, before neutrons, electrons, or DNA had a code… before any of that, The Father, Son and Spirit existed for each other in a Holy Trinity. Contrary to what you may read or hear, God did not create Adam & Eve because He needed them. God created the universe, because He is love. God did not create creation because it was good, although it was. God created because He is good.

God not only wants His people to know the glory of His name, but also the ends of the whole earth as well! The prophets speak of how the entire world would be filled with God’s glory as the seas are filled with water! God wants every country, town, city and province to know His name! This is a common theme that can be seen at the end of the book of Ezekiel. As Ezekiel is prophesying against the nations around Israel, God says the same thing, over and over. He wants all nations to know that “I am the Lord”. God is serious about His name. God does not fool with His Glory. The Light of His Glory shows me that God is Holy.

Do you see God as Holy?

“So I will show my greatness and my holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” (Ezekiel 38:23)


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