Day 5 – “God’s Glory Exposes Our Hearts”

The following post is a part of a series called “40 Days of Light”.  “40 Days of Light” is a church-wide campaign at the church I pastor.  Join our church as we go through this next 40 Days exploring and exulting God and His Word.  These postings are also available  on for your Kindle or Kindle App. Please search “40 Days of Light” in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. For more information about “40 Days of Light” please visit

And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” – Isaiah 6:5

The light of God’s glory does not just show us God for His beauty. It also enlightens us to our spiritual bankruptcy. When we fully see God as Holy – we will no doubt see ourselves as utterly wicked. Isaiah had this enlightening moment when he encountered the holiness of God. When he observed the light of God’s glory, burning bright from God’s declared & visible holiness, Isaiah cried out!

Isaiah knew that his personal standing before God was bankrupt. He declared, “Woe is me” = oy li (אוי לי). This was an expression of deep anguish and sorrow. It was not a phrase that one used passively, but passionately. Standing in front of a Holy, Righteous and an Eternal God Isaiah realized that he was nothing in comparison. He understood that he had nothing to offer this Holy God that can truly satisfy His wrath against sin. He also confessed that he was lost, unclean and lived amongst an unholy people. How does Isaiah come to this conclusion? “For my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” It is impossible to stand before God, and gaze upon His beauty, and leave unchanged. The light of God’s glory exposes our dark, ugly, and depraved hearts.

Who are you comparing yourself with today? Many of us love to compare ourselves to other people. Every human being you will ever compare yourself with is also a sinner. When you compare yourself to another person, (for the worse or the better) you ultimately set yourself up for failure. The only real change happens when you compare yourself to God. Transforming power comes through an awareness of our spiritual indebtedness compared to His magnificent beauty. This is why the gospel is an important aspect of our everyday lives. It is because of the kindness of God that we are led to repentance. The gospel allows me to partake in the glorious exchange! I receive His righteousness and Jesus took on my sin.

Isaiah not only saw God in Holiness, but as all Authoritative as well. Isaiah saw God as “the King”. Isaiah knew that this God is worthy of all his obedience. The King has the power and authority to rule over His people and kingdom. Isaiah knew that to be in His presence was to see himself in submission to this Holy God. Is God truly your King? Do you think that you are in control of your life? When you see God as He is – you cannot remain the same.-

What sin do you have in your life right now that needs to be confessed? What are you holding back? What do you need to let go? The time is now. Look toward the Lord, repent, and get your heart right. The gospel makes this clear, and allows me to stand before Him.


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